Kayla Jordan Roberts

Bachelor in Sport & Recreation (AUT), Diploma in Applied Fitness (NMIT), Performance Nutrition Coach Certificate L1 and L2 (Clean Health Fitness Institute), Bachelor of Art (English, History & Classical Studies) (MU)

A fitness coach at Miki Ds gym, Nelson, New Zealand with over three years of study and just shy of two years experience in the business.

The KMF mission

Combining two of my favourite things writing and resistance training: this blog hopes to become an online go-to, for women in particular, who want to feel strong, confident and capable inside and outside of the gym. It is also nourishing my life-long love of learning and my desire to continuously improve my services as a coach.

“Kayla-Made Fitness” is driven by a particular passion for educating, empowering and enlivening the gym experience for women of all ages and stages. This is a place for women who are seeking more support, guidance and information as to how they can most effectively, enjoyably and sustainably achieve their fitness goals by bringing the what, the why and the how together.

Running, and then resistance training had a profound effect on my self-confidence and overall physical and mental health. I hope to help others experience the same sense of strength, empowerment and improved wellbeing.

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