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Is your uncontrollable “sweet tooth” sabotaging your weight loss goals?

Six steps to managing sugar cravings, minimizing over-eating and creating more mindful eating habits. “I have suuuuuch a sweet tooth” is a common complaint from clients when exploring their barriers to their weight loss goals. If you’re experiencing something similar, you’ve probably come across plenty of “dieting hacks” in the past but what they oftenContinue reading “Is your uncontrollable “sweet tooth” sabotaging your weight loss goals?”

Keeping up with the Kegels

The commonly neglected “core” muscle you’re probably not working. I attended a Pelvic Health in Sport and Exercise seminar presented by Pelvic Health Physiotherapist Celia Wahnig of “Elevate” Physio Nelson (previously “Restore”). I thought I’d share some of my main takeaways and some common misconceptions I thought it was important to draw attention to. PartContinue reading “Keeping up with the Kegels”

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