Kayla-Made Strength and Nutrition Coaching

Online training programming, nutrition guidance, mindset and physique education for women who lift weights and want to build a body they’re proud of.


  • Feeling super confident in all of your clothes. 
  • Being consistent and finding enjoyment in the journey. 
  • At the gym you’re hitting PB’s, your technique feels smooth, and you no longer feel like you don’t know what to do (or how to do it) in the gym. 
  • You proudly receive compliments on how strong you are, how strong you look, and your confidence shines from the inside-out. 
  • You feel empowered when it comes to your nutrition choices, no longer feeling confused by conflicting information, or being “sabotaged” by your “sweet tooth” or having to cut out any foods you love to see “results”.
  • You’re finally putting you, and your health first!!
  • You’re living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that feels more like second nature – no more burnout, confusion or feeling pushed for time.
  • AND you’re seeing continued physique and performance progressions over time.
The DREAM, right?? 

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“I have pushed harder than I ever thought I could and achieved things I didn’t know existed! I’m so strong now, I’m so proud of myself…. so pleased to just keep seeing the fat melt away and that muscle definition come through.” – JB


Women when trying to create their “dream bod” or “be healthy” often:

  • Follow restrictive and unsustainable food rules or “clean eating” only to be left with short-lasting results, a strained relationship with food and a fear they might never be able to change their body. 
  • Turn to challenges and group classes again and again to motivate them, feel “smashed” and on a high after every session, but feel frustrated that their physique still doesn’t look how they had hoped it would “by now”.
  • Feel trapped by their “all or nothing” mindset struggling to stay consistent, often “program hopping” always looking for the next “best” thing.
  • Spend hours on the treadmill each week because they think that’s what they “need” or because they feel too shy to go into the weights section
  • In the gym they’re constantly worrying “am I doing this right?” or “is this even working??”
It doesn’t have to be this way! 
“You have been so frigging amazing; changed my body, found my strength and helped me heal some ugly thought patterns. For the first time in a looooooooong time I can honestly (and healthily lol) say that I am happy with my body.”
– D.D  


01 You love training, but you’ve outgrown classes and treadmills, or you have hit a wall with progress on your own. You’re looking to break past a progress plateau with an individualized approach to reach new strength & body comp levels. 
02 You’ve dabbled in programmed training before, but you’re still stuck in a rigid mindset falling into the trap of over-training, restricting food and feeling like no matter how hard you work you’re still unsatisfied with your body.


“STRIVE” offers:

  • Customised and flexible nutrition and training protocols designed specifically for you.

“[Kayla’s] positivity and motivation was inspiring, she truly listened and educated where needed. She set goals that were achievable with the work still needing you to push yourself but within your capabilities. She helped you believe in yourself.” – J.R

  • A collaborative approach creating nutrition and training strategies you can implement with enjoyment, confidence and clarity. 

“I felt supported and well-guided by Kayla, but also that I had some autonomy. I feel that Kayla’s input/check-in’s were the perfect balance between being hands-on without being overbearing. Just a generally nice, understanding person and great PT!”

  • Sustainable and long-term progression by building a lifestyle that produces ongoing “results” as a by-product. 

“[now] 10kg down…. Just trucked away with what we started…. Kept at it, 67kg and my abs are coming back” – W.K

  • Educational resources, tools and 1:1 support for long-term success.

“I know if I stick with the path created for me I’ll [achieve] my goals as I have formed the habits to maintain them with Kayla’s teaching.” – J.R

If you’re ready to build a sustainable physique you’re proud of, it’s time to


16-week online coaching program that includes:

  • A highly personalised workout program to take your training to new levels, supporting your body comp goals e.g., “toning”, improving performance e.g., strength and cardiovascular fitness or helping assist weight loss.
  • Customised macro/calorie targets or nutrition recommendations and support. Adjusted when necessary, according to results.
  • Weekly check-ins providing accountability, support and troubleshooting with mindset education and strategy. Monitoring and adjusting your training intensity and guiding your weight choices, making necessary adjustments to training and nutrition protocols so you can continue to stay “on track” even when “life happens”.
  • Strong educational approach, emphasizing a collaborative client-coach relationship giving you the what, why and the how to educate and empower you not just for the sixteen-weeks but beyond.

$997 paid in full (save $122.84) or $69.99/week.

Ready to build a body you’re proud of, feel confident in the gym and empowered in the kitchen?

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“Kayla has been very responsive… and has ensured that there’s enough variation in my sessions to keep it interesting, but enough consistency that the gains and improvements are evident…. always a positive, encouraging influence, quick to pick up on bad habits before they start to form and a rich source of in-depth knowledge.  Kayla’s always happy to share some banter but isn’t shy about pushing me to do the best I can. I look forward to the next 12 months.” – FT